China & Porcelain 

We carry Royal Victorian, Royal Albert, Spode, Dunoon, & Portmerian.


We carry Claddagh rings & necklaces, mood rings & necklaces, Connemara Marble jewelry as well


We carry a variety of jams and preserves 


Barley water, Ribena, Belvoir Elderflower, irn Bru, Schweppes bitter Lemon, Shandy bass, Tango, Tizer, Ginger beer

Grocery Items

We carry a wide assortment of grocery items


We carry more than 40 different candies, toffees, and gummies

India & South Africa

Curries, Chutney, Puppodums


Swords, ships in bottle, car stickers, flags & more

We are always trying improve our service to you, let us know if you would like to see other products

Gift ware 

Hats, Placards, umbrellas, flags, shopping bags, blankets, and more

Porcelain Dolls

Made in spain

Frozen Foods

Bread, Bacon, Black & White Puddings, Pies, Pasties,Tarts, Bangers, Yorkshire Puddings


Yorkshire Gold, Barry's, Builder's, Twining's, Taylor's of Harrogate, Darvilles of Windsor, PG Tips, Typhoo, Murphy's, Ahmad, Paned Gymreig

Tea Pots & Accessories

Decorative tea pots, Brown Betty tea pots, tea cozies, trays, complete tea sets, tea strainers, tea mugs, and more

Children's tea set

10 pc porcelain sets in their own carry box


Red Cabbage, Sauerkraut, Dumplings, Mustard, Brautwust, Egg Noodles, Seasoning Mixes 


We carry more than  20 different  biscuits & crackers.


We carry an assortment of crisps


Football jerseys, Dr Who T-shirts, Country T-shirts & Hoodies

About Us

We are a local supplier of European goods; groceries, candy, drinks, biscuits, china, china tea sets, children's porcelain tea sets, jewelry, frozen foods, tea pots, teas, clothing, crisp, porcelain dolls, souvenirs and toys.

All Items are from the European Continent or made under license by sponsoring country.

We carry items from England, Germany, Spain, India, Ireland, Australia, South Africa